Doug's Alpenol Story

I first meet my friend Wolfgang on a beach on an island in the Bahamas. As you may know the sand fleas literally attack and their bites cause you to swell and itch terribly. So it was I came to know "Alpenὅl.”

Wolfgang was from Bavaria and his product had a funny sounding (to me) name I couldn’t pronounce. It was, however, fantastic for bites, reducing the swelling and calming the itch.

We used to snorkel a lot resulting in a sore neck from looking face down in the water for a long time. Alpenὅl to the rescue.

The original Alpenὅl formula came from an old farmer in Bavaria who had been experimenting with pure essential oils for natural healing for many years.

Wolfgang with an extensive knowledge of chemistry, although now a chiropractor, experimented further with the “recipe” finally producing what you see here on our web site as "Muscle Relief."

For many years I resisted bringing Alpenὅl products to the US. What changed my mind?  A woman, of course.  A walk on a beach with my wife Peggy finally lead to our accepting the “recipe” as a gift to market Alpenl in the US.

That was 25 years ago. We are grateful to have offered the relief our products bring to so many with muscle and joint pain. We have had so many letters sharing how Alpenὂl products have changed lives.

HOW WE EVOLVED - a new partnership

Peggy and I first met Jamie in Buena Vista, Colorado. Jamie Hagen is a brand development professional. We were both serving on the board of The Collegiate Peaks Forum Series which offers free lectures in the Upper Arkansas Valley on Religion, Philosophy and Science.

I asked Jamie to help us in updating Alpenl packaging. She began the development process and fell in love with the product. She had suffered from migraines most of her life and Alpenl greatly increased the circulation through her neck and head and offered amazing “relief.” She asked me if I would like a business partner and from this inquiry a new collaboration came into fruition.

We created new packaging designs and added new Alpenl formulas of Foot Relief and Massage Oil to our Muscle Relief product assortment. We also expanded our sizes to 4 ounce, 2 ounce and a trial/purse size of .34 ounces.

Jamie lost her husband Hal due to two failed back surgeries and numerous complications. This made me take a renewed focus on my own health. You see I promised Peggy that I would stay on the planet as long as she did so as to……be at weddings, family celebrations, visit great grand children and take trips to the exotic places on our bucket list.

So Jamie and I began researching other whole health products that would assist in our overall health and well being. We discovered several other natural health products and methodologies for living a happier healthy life and thus creating a life worth living. 

We welcome calls and inquiries as to how our products can help you on your journey to natural health. We have created this website to share products and health antidotes to offer each of us “relief” and newfound health.  Enjoy, Doug, Peggy & Jamie

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.
— Buddha

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